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Hello! Welcome to my Homepage! My name is Ang Li, I'm a senior student at University at Buffalo. This page is designed for all my class work in Web development Classes. The selected image shown above is downloaded from the article called:"Here’s What Happens When People Let Algorithms Design A Concert Hall" By James Gould-Bourn.(Image by: Iwan Baan) All Credits belongs to the authors.

The following are the MFC 215 Assignments for Current Semester(Spring 2018)

2.Create a set of Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) Webpages External Embedded Inline
3. Create a CSS-styled Table Page CSSTable
4. Create an HTML5/CSS Compliant Web Page Compliant Page
5. Modify Your Home Page to Use DIVs,Check Original Index
6. Create an Advanced CSS Web Page AdvancedCSS Page
7. Create an HTML5 Form Page Form Page
8. Create a Multimedia Web Site Multimedia Page
9. Create a JavaScript Web Page Java Script Page
10. Add JavaScript Validation to Your Web Form Page Java Script Validate Page
HTML5 Wow Me Project WoW Me Project
12. EXTRA CREDIT: Krug Book Essay/Presentation Krug Extra Credits
13. HTML5 WoW Me Project 2 Wow Me 2.0

The following is the Space for CSE101 Lab8 Assignment for Current Semester(Spring 2018)

Lab 8 Create your Personal Webpage, Click Here to View.

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