Vroom vroom! I love my classic car!

Year 1966
Make Dodge
Model Coronet 440
Engine 318 Cubic Inch V8
Modifications 4 bbl Carburetor, Headers, Camshaft, Limited Slip Differential w/3.23 gears
Power 275 horsepower/350 lb-ft of torque
Transmission 727 Torqueflite 3 speed automatic

This is my 1966 Dodge Coronet, my father and I bought it in April of 2009. We have been enjoying it ever since. I love it's muscular lines and aggressive noise. Old cars just have so much soul and character. The car has its own personality to us. Burnouts are always a fun activity. Every once in a while I'll take it to my local track and race people with it. She isn't the fastest car in the world but she's definitely fun to drive. I won an award in high school for "Best Car in the Parking Lot". Someday I hope to put a 5 speed manual transmission and a 426 cubic inch HEMI engine in it.

The car doesn't look like much but it's a work in progress and thats what makes it fun! CLICK to watch a beautiful Coronet kill some tires.

Email me fellow MOPAR B-body fans if you have any questions on where to get parts, problem solving, or if you just want to chat about cars!