About Me

Software Developer,
Data Science Enthusiast,
Freelance Problem Solver,
Incurable Gamer,
Web Developer, and I like to think I'm creative;

My Skills




Hadoop MR
Apache Spark
Android Studio
Apache Solr
Bootstrap 4


MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses)

  • Introduction to Apache Spark, Edx (Pursuing)
  • Distributed Machine Learning with Apache Spark, Edx (Pursuing)
  • Complete Android Developer Course- Rob Percival, Udemy (Pursuing)
  • Complete Web Developer Course 2.0- Rob Percival, Udemy

University at Buffalo, State University of New York (Aug 2015- Dec 2016 expected)
Masters, Computer Science
GPA: 3.6/4

Courses Taken:
  • Intro to Machine Learning
  • Data Intensive Computing
  • Information Retreival
  • Algorithm Analysis and Design
  • Distributed Systems
  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Intro to Cognitive Science
  • Fundamentals of Programming Languages

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (Aug 2011- June 2015)
Bachelors in Technology, Computer Science and Engineering
First Division


Class Schedule Analysis
Hadoop MR, Tableau, Java

Analysed University at Buffalo's class scheduling data from 1914-2015. Showed impressive optimization in energy and class capacity utilization.

March-April 2016

Handwritten Digit Recognizer

A neural network to recognise hand written digits with ~94% accuracy.

Feb-March 2016

Regression Classifier Recommender

An analyser to suggest the best regression technique for classifying given data.

March 2016

NYTimes and Real Direct EDA

Exploratory data analysis on nytimes.com and real direct public datasets. Found interesting demographic based user behaviour.

Jan-Feb 2016

PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 4, MySQL

Website for one of the most popular apartment complexes in N.W New Delhi, India.

Feel free to ask for a temporary login.

June 2016

Noodle Search Engine
Apache Solr, PHP

Multilingual web search engine for news on the Syrian War Crisis.

Aug-Dec 2015

TinyPL Language Parser
Java, Jive

Object oriented top down parser and Java Bytecode generator for a programming language TinyPL

Sept 2015

Lean Startup

Led a team of 6 in formulating a startup idea in the social music arena, for a techincal entrepreneurship course.
Executed the Lean Startup approach by customer engagement and Minimum Viable Product development cycle.
Lead presenter for the start up pitch presentations in front of successful tech entrepreneurs in Western New York.


Work Experience

English Helper Education Technologies (May 2014- Dec 2014)
Software Developer Intern
  • Automated office processes in Java for content digitisation and customer support team, conserving ~40hrs/week.

BPIT (Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University) (Nov 2013- July 2015)
Research Assistant
NTPC Limited. (National Thermal Power Corporation) (May 2013- Aug 2013)
Software Engineer Intern
  • Contributed in developing an Inspection Call Management software using C#