I'm a Computer Science Graduate Student. I am fond of Distributed Networked Systems, SDN and zero-touch network automation measures. The way such systems interact and synchronize themselves to achieve a common task, interests me the most.

A true wanderer from the land of the Himalayas, I like spending time with mountains and water bodies. I do decent photography, serving the needs of my shutter at least once in a day. I play and watch basketball in free time. Currently exploring United States.

Alma Mater

Master of Science, Computer Science and Engineering

Major Concentration – Distributed and Networked Systems
Graduate Certificate - Information Assurance

Currently, I am working as a Graduate Researcher at the Wireless Networking and Systems Lab at University at Buffalo and working towards:
1. Re-setting up a testbed related to SDN/VPN based research project in collaboration with AT&T Labs
2. Analyzing Crowd Sourced Cellular Network Performance using Full-Stack application development in Android(Java) and Python.

A Few Accomplishments

Why am I a good fit for your organization? Have a look at few of my favorite projects I’ve been a part of during the course of my career.

Cellular Network Monitor

[Java, Google Protocol Buffers, Cellular Networks, Android, Python, Django, MongoDB, SQLite]

An Android application that lets you track various cellular network parameters as you move around. Pulls data from your phone, serializes using Google Protocol Buffers and sends it over the network to a Django based server. The data is processed and can be viewed by the user in geo-map and statistical UI.

Software Defined Routing and DVRP Implementation

[C, C++, Python, TCP/UDP Socket Programming, GNU]

A model that mimics the SDN design, separating the control plane and the data plane of the router. Includes a router written in C/C++ and a Controller scripted in Python. Provisions distance vector routing updates and file sharing orchestrated by the controller using the best possible route.

Sweet Spot Spotify

[Spotify API, AppleScript, macOS]

For all the terminal geeks, an AppleScript based tool that uses Spotify API to control Spotify music right from CLI!

Amazon DynamoDB Replica

[Android, Java, Socket Programming, SQLite, DynamoDB]

A simplified version of Amazon DynamoDB in Java, using 5 Android Phones acting as stroage nodes. The design mimics the highly available and scalable distributed data store built for Amazon’s platform.

1. Partitioning & Replication – Consistent Hashing to distribute load across multiple hosts and Chain Replication with a degree of 2
2. Node Failures - Consistent retrieval in case of node failures
3. Replica Synchronization and Conflict Detection and Resolution - Object versioning using Mutex and Semaphores

CE to CE MPLS L3 VPNs and LDP Packet Analysis

[MPLS, MBGP, OSPF, Cisco ISR 2800, 2900, GNS3, Cisco EPC]

Analysis of MPLS packets by configuring MPLS on Cisco ISR platforms and capturing packets using Cisco Embedded Packet Capture

1. Simulated network environment consisting of Cisco ISR routers and configured MPLS L3 VPNs between two customer sites.
2. PE to PE routing using MBGP, CE to PE routing using OSPF, Route redistribution between VRF on PE and CE.
3. Control Plane and Data Plane verification by capturing packets (using Cisco EPC) and analysis of Transit labels and VPN labels.

ExactAgent - The Mainframe Screen Scraping Application

[Cobol, VB.Net, SQL, Shell, Python]

Developed and shaped a Mainframe screen scraping application in VB .NET for AT&T's Wholesale Ordering and Billing Solutions. The application assisted in creating service orders for requests coming into the FLSC (Facilities Local Service Center) via an ASR (Access Service Request) by scraping data from The Mainframe screens at different coordinates.

Post-Quantum Primitives for Constrained Devices

[Python, C, C++, Raspberry Pi]

Performed a comparative study of Lattice-based cryptographic algorithms and evaluated their performance by testing them on constrained device environment (Raspberry Pi B+). Programmed the following algorithms in Python and C: LP, U-LP, BLISS and NTRU.

Reliable Transport Protocol

[C, C++, GNU]

Programmed a protocol at L4 of OSI for reliable delivery. The protocol picks the best features from Go-Back-N and Selective Repeat protocols, an efficient multiple-timer strategy and a comparison of the 3 protocols in terms of packet delivery, loss and corruption.

Distributed Message and File Sharing System

[C, C++, UNIX Network Programming, GNU]

A CLI-based Multi-Client Chat Application and File Sharing System in C++, under GNU environment. The application works on top of the CS Department servers at the University at Buffalo. This application implements both Client-Server and P2P model and provides functionalities like: Client login logout and active tracking, message storage and delivery guarantee and blocking client access.

Distributed Hash Table

[Android, Java, Socket Programming, SQLite, Chord DHT]

A simple DHT based on the Chord algorithm in Java, using 5 Android Phones acting as nodes. The model is an efficient Distributed Data Storage system that offers fast lookup times and is capable of handling ID space portioning/re-partitioning, Ring based routing and joining of new nodes to the networked system.

L3 High Availability Data Center Model

[Cisco NX2k, NX5k, NX7k, FabricPath, vPCs, FEX, LACP, FHRPs]

Designed a highly redundant Data Center design capable of load balancing using ECMP on Cisco Nexus Platforms:

1. Configured Spine, Fabric and Classical Ethernet domains using NX2k as TOR and NX5k as EOR and NX7k as Spine Switches.
2. Configured FabricPath between Spine and Edge, vPC domains (NX7Ks and NX5Ks), FEX between NX5K and NX2K and Downstream
3. Control Plane and Data Plane verification and analysis by capturing packets.

BGP Traffic Behavior

[Cisco IOS, BGP, c3600 and c3700 platforms]

Completed research assignments on BGP traffic behavior, laying down some important conclusions about how BGP behaves when tuned for different metric criterion. The project involved:
1. Simulated network environment consisting of 5+ Autonomous systems on Cisco platforms namely c3600 and c3700
2. Influencing inbound and outbound routes using metric tweaking involving Weight, Local Preference, AS Path, MED.
3. Manipulating routes to a specific ISP and configuring fail-over routes to secondary ISP. Analysis of performance based on time.

Multilingual Tweet Search Engine

[Java, Json, Jquery HTML, Apache Solr, XML, Apache]

A complete search-based solution in Java for parsing and indexing of a corpus of multilingual Tweets (English, German, French and Russian) through cross-lingual queries. The model implements Faceted Search, Content Tagging and provisions language detection at run time and index time.

Free wireless IP Telephony


A model that is capable of offering free wireless telephony between two closely spaced university departments. The model is based on a call manger which is setup virtually using a network simulator on a server. For better voice reception, QoS was implemented on the model making it much more scalable.

Geo Tracker

[Android, Java, SQLite, Python]

Android application that tells you where you are and where did you go in the past days

Android Group Messenger with Total and FIFO ordering

[Android, Java, SQLite, ISIS]

A group messenger that guarantees in order message delivery by implementing the ISIS algorithm.


  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
    Validity: May 2018,
    License – 407764170287FQYL
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional
    Validity: May 2018,
    License – 421344169061IRXN

Things I Do

Things that I love to do and I can bring to the table

  • Write code in C, C++, Java and Go
  • Scripting: Python, Perl, Shell
  • Android Application Development
  • Operating Systems, Distributed Networked Systems
  • HTML5, CSS, JS
  • Code Versioning - Git, SVN
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite
  • Cryptography and Network Security
  • Advanced BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, MPLS, MBGP config and troubleshoot
  • VTP, STP, GLBP, HSRP, VRRP config and troubleshoot
  • Xcode, Android Studio, Atom, Intelli J, Matlab, GNS3, Wireshark, Microsoft Visio
  • SDN, Openflow, Open vSwitch
  • Data Center Technologies - FabricPath, vPCs, FEX, LACP, FHRPs
  • Game


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