Week 7: October 12 - 16

Kepler-453b: A Real Tatooine?

In August 2015 the discovery of Kepler-453b was announced. Kepler-453b orbits a binary star, like the planet "Tatooine" in "Star Wars". We apply numerical techniques for solving differential equations to explore the possible orbital dynamics of this planet.


Animating a graph involves updating the coordinates of drawn objects such as points and lines, then redrawing the objects. We learn how to do this in an IPython notebook.

Solving Algebraic Equations

Finding the roots of a function - the values where it equates to zero - arises often when solving problems in science and mathematics. Since it is not always possible to find such roots exactly, methods for finding numerical approximations are needed. This week we start to examine such methods and explore their advantages and limitations.

Week 7 Notebook




There will be no quiz this week.

Assignment 6: Tatooine