Week 6: October 5 - 9

The "Butterfly Effect"

The "butterfly effect" describes systems where a small change in the initial conditions can result in large differences in outcome at a later time. We examine this idea using the "Mayfly model" as an example, exploring circumstances in which nearby trajectories either converge or diverge.

Linear Least Squares

The problem of finding a straight line which best fits a set of points arises naturally when we studied the "butterfly effect". We explore what a "good fit" means, and how to find one.

Continuous-Time Dynamical Systems

Differential equations lie at the core of a scientific description of the natural world. We explore ways in which the solutions to such equations can be approximated on a computer.

Week 6 Notebook


Matplotlib: Logarithmic plots


There will be no quiz this week.

Assignment 5: The Butterfly Effect