Week 3: September 14 - 18

Deterministic Dynamical Systems

This week we study "deterministic dynamical systems". These are systems which develop over time, where the current state completely determines the future.

Week 3 Notebook

Mayfly Model

The example we use is the "Mayfly model", a discrete-time model of mayfly population dynamics. This model is developed in class, and we begin to explore the behavior of the model using a numerical simulation.

Mayfly Mayflies

Large numbers of mayflies often mature together within a short period of time, leading to swarms so thick that they blanket roads, buildings, and show up on radar.

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Quiz 2

Sample Quiz 2

Assignment 2: Are There any Non-Prime C-Numbers?

A "C-number" was defined in class as an integer n > 1 such that bn mod n = b for all integers 1 < b < n.