Math 324: Advanced Multivariable Calculus I
Winter 2015

Instructor: Alexandru Chirvasitu

Class times and location: Office: C-417 Padelford
Office hours: Wednesday 1:30 - 3:30, Friday 10:30 - 12:20 or by appointment
Email: chirva AT
I'll follow the official syllabus pretty faithfully with some minor permutations of the sections.

We're using the custom 7th edition of Stewart's Multivariable Calculus. You do need it, as I'll be assigning problems from it as homework by just telling you the problem numbers. See that link for info on how / where to get it.

I'll probably ask you to read some of the sections in the textbook before most lectures, so we're in sync. I'll post the reading assignments here; the date is that of the lecture, so please do the reading before that.

Date Section(s) Remarks
Wed Jan 07 15.3, 15.4
Fri Jan 09 15.7
Mon Jan 12 15.8
Fri Jan 16 15.9
Wed Jan 21 14.5
Fri Jan 23 14.6
Wed Jan 28 16.1
Fri Jan 30 16.2
Wed Feb 11 16.3
Fri Feb 13 16.4
Fri Feb 20 16.6
Wed Feb 25 16.5


We'll have seven of these. You'll have a week for each assignment and they're all due Friday in class, starting January 16.

No late homework please, but if you can't make it to class you can still slide it under my office door (C-417 Padelford) so long as it's Friday before about 2 PM; otherwise the homework grader won't be able to pick it up and it won't count.

You'll find the assignments in the table below. They'll typically just be lists of problems from the book, and I'll announce each assignment more than a week before the due date.

# Due date Problems
1 Fri Jan 16 15.2: 17, 30
15.3: 17, 49
15.4: 12, 22
15.7: 9, 13, 18, 19, 35, 39
2 Fri Jan 23 15.8: 9, 19, 29
15.9: 9, 26, 32 (b), 35 (just the part about the centroid), 39
3 Fri Jan 30 14.5: 8, 15, 39 (a), 53
14.6: 5, 9 (a), 15, 33 (a) and (b), 43, 57
4 Fri Feb 06 16.1: 5, 29, 30, 31, 32 (these last four make up one big plot-to-formula matching problem)
16.2: 3, 7, 21, 33, 39, 47
No hw due week of Feb 09 (after midterm)
5 Fri Feb 20 16.3: 6, 7, 11, 13, 19, 28
16.4: 1, 11, 17, 29
6 Fri Feb 27 16.6: 1, 13-18, 23, 33, 41
16.7: 11, 17, 21
7 Fri Mar 6 16.5: 7, 12, 17, 19
16.8: 3, 16, 17
16.9: 9, 13, 19

The grader will assign each homework a grade out of 10: two graded problems for four points each, and two points for completion. I won't be telling you in advance which problems are being graded though.. Do collaborate on the homework if you like, but write up your own solutions. And by all means drop by at office hours if you need a hand.

It's in class on Monday, February 9 and it'll cover whatever we've had time to do by then; probably chapter 15, sections 14.5 and 14.6 as well as 16.1 and 16.2 (so up to and including line integrals). The problems will be very similar to those on the homework, so I strongly recommend you do those.

You're not allowed your own notes or calculators or any such aides, but I will type up and distribute a note sheet of my own before the test.

CLUE will hold a review session on Monday, January 26 for the first (for us, only) midterm. They say it'll be in Mary Gates Hall, "most likely" from 8 PM to 9:30 PM. So I guess the time isn't set yet, but keep going to their page. It's way early for our exam, but you might still benefit.

Pre-midterm office hours: Monday, February 09 from 10 to 12 in my office.

I have now posted the test with solutions.

It's been scheduled by the department and neither the date nor the location can be changed; so it's pretty much set in stone.. The final is cumulative in principle, but in practice it'll focus on the material not covered by the midterm.

Just as for the midterm, I will provide a note sheet before the exam.

I've found an old exam archive on someone else's class web page. It should come in handy when you prepare for either of the two tests.
We'll drop the lowest homework score.

"Overloading" means allowing more students in class than the limit (which in our case is 50). We won't be doing any of that during the first week. Instead, you should keep watching and waiting for spaces to open up; it's all a bit fluid in the beginning, so that may well happen.

I'm sure this study support center will have some study sessions before midterms and such. They typically send out emails to students in any given course (such as Math 324) announcing these. You should keep an eye out and drop by their website on occasion.
Disability Resources

If you need special accomodations please go to DRS (Disability Resources for Students) for more information. You should meet with a DRS counselor and get a letter attesting your need for academic accomodations. Once you have such a letter, please see me so that we can arrange for those.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.

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