Finding Property Data
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Special Libraries Association
2005 Annual Conference
Tuesday, June 7th


Linda Shackle
Arizona State University
A. Ben Wagner
University of Buffalo


Background Information



Property Information

The following resources were referenced during the presentation. For more property data resources, consult the resource guides below.

Free Web Resources

Data Compilations

Bibliographic Indexing and Abstracting Services

Full Text Resources

Resource Guides

The following guides provide more resources for finding property data:

Chemical & Physical Properties in the Library (Duke University)
Focuses on local print sources for sixty-nine properties. However, the Web links provided are excellent choices.

CHEMINFO SIRCh Physical Properties (Indiana University)
The classic chemical information directory on the web built by Gary Wiggins. Of special value is the ability to keyword search across the entire CHEMINFO site and a back-of-the-book alphabetical index to the site.

Finding Chemical & Physical Properties (Vanderbilt University)
Extensive and easy-to-navigate Web directory arranged by over 100 physical properties. Free and subscription Web sources are included along with the print sources under each property.

Index to Physical, Chemical, and Other Property Data (Arizona State University)
Local and Internet resources listed by property.

Materials Properties Locator Database (University at Buffalo)
A searchable directory index of nearly 100 print sources maintained by the Science and Engineering Library. Each record contains a brief annotation, property keywords, and types of material covered.

Thermodex (University of Texas)
Searchable directory maintained by the Mallet Chemistry Library. Classes of materials, specific compounds, and desired properties can be searched.

Wagner, A. Ben. "Finding Physical Properties of Chemicals: A Practical Guide for Scientists, Engineers, and Librarians" Science and Technology Libraries, 21:3/4 (Fall 2003): p. 27-45.

Linda Shackle and A. Ben Wagner 2005