In February of 1994, a decision was made between Dr. Andrew Gage and Keith Morgan to have a "Day for Kids" benefit, which ended up raising around $250.00 to benefit the Children's Hospital NICU. The next two years showed some growth, raising $600 in 1995 and $900 in 1996.

Starting in 1997, Andy and Keith focused their efforts to benefit the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Sisters of Charity Hospital. With increased interest and participation from the nursing staff, Doc's Day for Kids raised around $5,000 for the NICU that year.

Dr. Andrew Gage and Keith Morgan ran Doc's Day for Kids for 12 successful years before Andy unexpectedly passed away in 2005. Thereafter, the event was renamed in his honor to "Dr. Andy's Day for Kids". Since then, Keith Morgan and Dr. Gage's family has carried it on, with generous support from local medical professionals.

Each year we have generated more money and more excitement for this amazing cause. Over the past few Doc's Day for Kids events, we have raised over $27,000 each year, which goes straight to the NICU at Sister's Hospital.

Now in its 19th year, we're proud to continue the tradition that supports our tiniest feet, proving each year that Miracles Do Happen on Main Street.