Abdalrazzaq Zalloum (Abdul)

I am a graduate student at SUNY-Buffalo being jointly advised by Johanna Mangahas at my school and Ruth Charney at Brandeis university. I am mainly interested in geometric group theory, which studies the interplay between the algebraic structures of groups and the geometries of the spaces on which they act. The following theorem is a naive example of the above phenomenon "a group is free if and only if it admits a free action on some tree". In this theorem, the geometric property of the tree having no loops, informed the algebraic property of the group being free and vice versa; this is a theme in geometric group theory.

I am particularily interested in generalizations of hyperbolicity, boundaries of groups and CAT(0) cube complexes.

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Research and papers:

My primary research field is geometric group theory. Here is a list of my research papers:

A symbolic coding of the Morse boundary

Regular languages for contracting geodesics, with Joshua Eike