This website is dedicated to show you what I purches online during Cyber Monday

The hyperlink above will take you to wikipedia article which explains what Cyber Monday is

*Ti-89 Titanium Calculator

*LG tone pro 770

*Oreo Drinking Spoon Tool

*Totally Pocket Friendly Iphone case with cup holder

*How to be a mermaid Guide

*Macbook Selfie Stick

*High Class Full Copper Banana Holder

Item Price Availability
Ti 89 Titanium Calculator $108 Available
LG tone pro 770 $30 Available
Oreo Drinking Spoon Tool $4.99 Available
Iphone case with cup holder -- Not available
How to be a mermaid guide $7.78 Available
Macbook Selfie Stick -- Not available
Banana Holder $9.99 Available

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