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Boys with Christening Outfits.
The Boys in their Christening Outfits.
Christening Outfits
Alex and Marcus in Christening Outfits with no barf on them yet.
Marcus gets sign of cross with oil
Marcus gets sign of cross with oil.
Ho Ho buts
Check out our buts, it says Ho Ho Ho.
The fam at Chrisening
Mom, Dad, and the fellas near the Christening font.
Fellas go swinging
Aunties Elly and Cheree and Uncle Wayney took boys for there 1st swing on a swing set the day before.
Papa and Boys
"Boys help Papa celebrate bday"
Marcus laugh at Momma.
This is what Marcus looks like when Momma talks to him.
Nana plays with Marcus.
Nana plays with Marcus on the floor.
The boy's first walk
Marcus shows good taste in hats at such an early age.
Dancing on Miss Buffalo
Jim and Al dancing on the Miss Buffalo.
Arm in Arm
Couple of ole buds.
Marcus eats hit socks.
Marcus' socks are allways wet from sucking on them.
Boys get blanket
Oh goody, a blanket to suck on!!.
Play with toy from auntie Amy
We'e playin w/our favorite xmas toy. It's from auntie Amy.
Mommy and Marcus on stairs
Mommy and Marcus on stairs