1981 THS Reunion pp2

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THS football, we won TNT game.
Daigler, Ruch
This was a familiar site. Jim and Diana
Daigler, Weiss, Farleo
In the musical, Donny (Big Jule) split his pants at a key moment in the dance sequence.
Big Jule, Nathan
Whats a da peetch?....Big Jule and Nathan Detroit.
Danvir Klaiber
Danvir and Klaiber. Jeff got knocked out once in JV football and couldn't find his locker.
Donny Denise and others
Donny Denise and others.
Flanders Ruch and wives
Flanders Ruch and wives".
Staffin, Bowen, Francisco
Staffin, Bowen, Francisco.
Ger, Trix, Julie, Jim
Ger, Trix, Julie, Jim.
Henningham, Hogenkamp, Fox, Holdaway
Henningham, Hogenkamp, Fox, Holdaway.
Bacon, Anderson, Weber.
Band geek Ger Bacon along with babes Julie Weber and Paula Anderson.
Midge, Wegmann, Mueller
Midge, Wegmann, Mueller.
Shari and Jeff
Hey what's going on here? Jeff don't you have a wife and twins? Shari was always a hotie.