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1981 THS Reunion

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Pep rally 1980.
Chris checks his briefs
Nothing's changed, Chris still checks his briefs before heading to the bar.
Cindy, Nadine, Mary
Cindy, Denise, Colleen, Nadine, Mary. Still babes.
THS alumni
Coleen, Bill, Jeff, Sara.
Jim and Trix
Jim and Trixie Dribbles reinact the last 5 minutes of their HS careers watching clock tick off in Mrs. Gysells class.
Central Elementary Gang
The Central Elementary Gang. Hey how did Buchkowski get in there?
Chris asking Cindy to frisk
Chris telling Cindy (police officer) " You better frisk me, I could be packin a whopper".
Staffin, Steinbrenner, Hodge
Staffin, Steinbrenner, Hodge.
Lynn, Jim, Monte graduation
Stalline, Redmond & others.
The Men of Central
The Men of Central. The bathing suit calendar will be coming out soon.
Hall, Daigler.
Hall, Daigler.
Bunch of band geeks
Bunch of band geeks.
Pics, Cars, Kuhn
Pics, Cars, Kuhn. Hey Pics, what's that white stuff on your chin?