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Mom when Elly was born
Reg and June Spring
Reg and June Spring.
Ruthie, Mom, and Ray
Ruthie, Mom, and Ray. I'm not sure who the other person is.
Dad and cousin Betty.
Dad and cousin Betty before going off to war. After basic, Dad served on Guam
Family picnic in E Roch.
Family picnic in East Rochester..
Another family reuinon
Family reunion at the Francisco's 141 Clinton St. Ton NY.
Reggie Spring
Roch Gang
The Rochester gang at a family reunion.
Charlotte and Eldon on their wedding day
Charlotte and Eldon on their wedding day.
Reggie building the cottage
Reggie building the cottage on Crow Lake.
Reg and his car
Reg always had a thing for cool cars. This one must have been a chick magnet!!
Roch fam reunion
Looks like a Roch fam reunion. Can anyone help w/names?
Mom and aunt Rita.
Mom and aunt Rita at Jamie and Alison's.