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Old Cronies

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Getting ready for Tom's stag
The Bacon family oohing over the fireworks
Bacon family; Ger, Anne, Ben check out the Niawanda firework display. They now have Bea and another in the oven.
Ger Chris embibe hawaiin juices
Chris Steinbrenner and Ger Bacon sampling a brew at a Hawain party.
Tom Hangover
Tom, the morning after Hawaiin party. Hurry and clean before Joe and Donna get home.
Tom gets dose of shaving cream
Note to self, never drink 10 beers and fall asleep on a band trip.
The fellas at THS graduation
Ger, John, Jim, Chris, & Brad at THS graduation. Note, John has hand on Ger's ass.
Scott and Joe at Alegheny
Scott and Joe contemplate their next beer at Alegheny.
Old cronies at Beaver
Old cronies; Jim, Chris, Tom, Ger at Beaver enjoying Tom's wedding reception.
Tom, Amy, Chelsie acting goofy
Tom, Amy, & Chelsie acting goofy at Alegheny.
The gang at Allegheny
The gang having a laugh at Allegheny bon fire. This was before rug rats. Dumb ass Chris put that log on, it was wetter than a Deeber in August.
Cub Scounts
Cubs scouts practicing for Memorial Day parade include; Ger Bacon, Wub Walters, PJ Walters, Art Walters Mr. Neumann, Brian Neuman, Paul & Larry Meyers, Jim Francisco,