Lagowski's pp4

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James and Lizzy studying for Grad school.
Marcus eat first bday cake
Marcus enjoying his first bday cake made by Auntie Amy.
Blow Noseys
All of us fellas know how to blow our noseys.
Lag fam at easter 03
The whole fam damily Easter 03.
Hold babies
Holding babies Alex, Marcus, and Malcolm.
Gerry James
Aunt Gerry and James at the Manka wedding in Lake Tahoe.
Crater Lake
This one blew me away, somebody knows how to use a camera!!!!
Lizzy luring Daddy
Lizzy was luring her Daddy to dance to Jimmy Buffet".
Lagowski girls at Salvator's
Lagowski girls at Salvator's. Lizzy and Al were not themselves that day.
Lagowski tree 02
Lagowski tree 02. Did Johnny make some of those ornaments??
Lizzy, Andy, Nanna.
Lizzy, Andy, Nanna, Nyears 02. Andy, you better be on best behavior.
Manka Girls
Manka Girls. Look out south Buffalo!!!".
xmas 02
They say that to their Auntees and Uncles too.