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James and Lizzy studying for Grad school.
Papa, Heather, and Marcus after the Great Race 02
Papa, Heather, and Marcus after the Great Race 02
Alex and Marcus Snow suits
Let's try on our new snow suits.
Aaron, Heater xmas
Aaron & Heater xmas 99. This is when Heather had babe hair doo.
Lagowski's chillin' at Veranda Beach
Lagowski's chillin' at Veranda Beach.
Can't move after dinner at Salvator's
In Dec 2,000, the fam celebrated Mom's bday at Salvator's. This pic was taken upon returning and being rolled into the house and placed on the couch.
Lizzy and James goof off
Gang tries to get in position for pic at Salvator's but Lizzy and James are goofing off.
Nyears 02
Amy, Al, Jamie, Marcus Nyears 02".
Lagowski girls at Salvator's
Uncle James and Alex go bouncy.
Simon up close
For some reason, there's one of these on every roll of film.
Lizzy butters up Mommy.
Lizzy butters up Mommy..
Nanna talks to James
Nana tells James at Thanksgiving '00 "Can't talk now James, we're eating".
James and Alex play
James and Alex Play at xmas 02.