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During the depression of the '70's, Cher & Wayne had to wear the same pants.
Lynnder Pooper Duper
Lynnder's senior picture.
Cher and Rog on vaca
Cher and Rog on vaca.
Mom's bday party
Mom's bday party with Ed, George, Dick, Gram and Gramp Solomon".
'67 xmas
Mom wrote on the back of this one "Everybody up let's open gifts, note it's still dark out window. Lynn had to be smart!
Catching some rays in Gram, Ed, and Gramp's backyard in FLA
Catching some rays in Gram, Ed, and Gramp's backyard in FLA.
Andrea and Niko
Andrea and Niko at Christmas.
Silver tree on porch
Dad decorated porch for xmas. I think someone still has that silver tree. That tree was on stage for many THS xmas concert and appeared in many THS musicals.
Al goes to Washington
Al at some building in Washington. I think it was the library.
Shannon, Ed, Lynnder, Alison Hollywood beach
Shan Shiner, Ed, Alison, and Lynnder prepare to test the waters of Hollywood beach FLA.
Jamie and Barb Skinner in HS musical
Jamie and Barb Skinner in HS musical Guys and Dolls.
Gram Solomon
Gram Solomon at Clinton Street.
Jim and Julie in Washinton
Jim and Julie in Washinton.
Lynn Jim come home on leave
Lynn and Jim come home from Washington state on leave.
Mom Peggy Cher Elly on porch
Mom, Peggy, Cher, and Elly on porch on Clinton Street.
Barry's cool car
Getting ready for trip to Hippie Buzzard's in PA. Barry used to wiggle the steering wheel.
Wayne Marcus xmas 02
Wayne gets Marcus with raindeer, xmas 02 Julie's house.