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Jim and Tom shoot gun
Hey guys how bout letting Mathew have a turn??.
Donny Weiss fam
Donny Weiss and fam Tracy, Laura, and Hannah.
Wino Club party at the Macaluso's
Wino Club party at the Macaluso's.
Cool Dudes
Have you ever seen cooler dudes? These dudes hung out at Tom and Amy's place on Fletcher in Ton....Man.
Haak babies & Francisco babies
Patty, Tim, Elly, and Hannah came to visit on Easter of 02.
Hollies xmas gift 02
Marcus helps Hollie open her xmas gift 02.
Gang from THS
A dinner outing w/the gang from Tonawanda
Kelli and Mathew
Kelli and Mathew Scott in FLA room.
Dave and Lisa
Dave's favorite....Mighty Tacos.
Kelli, Al, Dan at New Years 00
Kelli, Al, Dan, Alison, & Hilary at New Years 00
Wino Club
Wino Club over at Dave and Lisa's house
Dan the Grill Guruu
Spectators watch in awe as Guruu Dan does his magic on the grill.