Aakanksha Raika

Myself and R2D2

Hi, I am Aakanskha Raika . I am currently a senior at SUNY Buffalo. I am a Computer Science major. I shifted into computer science in my 2nd Semester Sophomore year.My love for the gaming industry drove me to this decision, and now I am looking for jobs in the Gaming industry.

MFC 215: Assignment List

  1. Homepage
  2. CSS page
  3. Table Page
  4. HTML5/Css Page
  5. What Makes a Good Website
  6. Modify your homepage using Divs
  7. Special Effects Page
  8. Form Page
  9. Multimedia Page
  10. JavaScript Page
  11. JavaScript Validation Page
  12. HTML5 "Wow Me" Final Project
  13. Essay/Presentation (Extra Credit)